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Welcome! This Web site is dedicated to my children, grandchildren and their children to come. It is all about living life to the fullest after retirement. Life begins at sixty! Come and experience my life as a skier, backpacker and traveler. Travel with me and I will show you my dreams which are still on going.

Skiing - I have been a skier since a teenager and I was active as a Ski Racer in Canada.  I still look forward to the first snow of each winter, and cannot wait to go either downhill or cross-country (skate ski) skiing.  I went snow skiing at age 81.

Weight Lifting - On Nov 10, 2004, I dead lifted 132.2 lbs (60 kgs) which is a World record in the WABDL's Master 75-79 / 165 class.

Travels - I have been fortunate to visit many countries in Asia and as I typed up all these trips reports, I realized what a marvelous time I have had in my travels.

Hiking - You will find that hiking has become my passion. I think of myself as a 'Lightweight Backpacker' and like to hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Read my trip reports and pictures of the PCT, as well as numerous places in the world I have hiked or trekked.

Painting - I am a sometimes painter, whenever the mood hits me then I paint.  Here I will show you a few of my 'Saints' period while the mood was on.

Writings - You can experience my time as a Volunteer for the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Theresa) in Calcutta, India.  Along with my venture in finding Christian Churches in Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim countries.

Enjoy All Of My Pages!

- Marge "The Old Gal"
             (trail name)


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