Holy Land


Travels in Thailand  Feb. 1993  This was my first trip outside of Europe, I had  traveled to Great Britain many times to visit family and from there Europe was a hop, skip and a jump.

Travels in Egypt Oct. 1993   Now I am  hooked on travel and Egypt was a fun adventure.

Travels in the Holy Land  Nov. 1993   This trip gave us a taste of Greece and Rome, but mainly concentrated on Israel.

Travels in India Oct. 1994    India is a fascinating country from its poverty and its history, it all appealed to me.

Travels in Tibet  May 1996   A very long drive from Nepal into Tibet and the experience of visiting a country now ruled by the Chinese.

Travels over the Karakorum June 1996   This is one of my favorite trips, going through Uzbekistan, Khirghizstan, China and Pakistan over the Karakorum Hiway, one of the highest roads in the world.

Travels in Peru and Bolivia   May 1997  Another great trip, my favorite place in Peru is Cuzco, I would like to revisit this country.

Travels in Turkey  Oct 1997  -  this is a trip to a country heaped in History and another I would like to revisit.

Travel in the Himalayan Kingdoms  May 1998 - this trip takes you into the countries of Bhutan, Sikkim, India and Nepal.


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